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Unresolved Grief


"Recognizing the body pattern of grief, we can learn to soften that tension instead of feeling defeated by the idea that fear and anger are our only alternatives."

Stephen Levine

Sorrow or loss often makes a relationship a place to hide instead of an opportunity to open.

Unresolved grief is like a low-grade fever. Sometimes it spikes into almost overwhelmingly afflictive emotions; at other times it lies almost dormant, nearly comatose, just beneath the surface, until a shadow crosses the heart and releases it.

Unattended sorrow narrows the path of our lives. And we are often at a loss to express the depth of our feelings. Trying to protect ourselves from pain limits us and leaves us feeling isolated.

But, if we gently explore layer after layer, we beckon love to accompany us on the path to healing.

We are a part of the worldwide community of loss.

Allow yourself to tap into the resources of your heart. The power to forgive, the strength you have within to love, trust yourself to look deeper into what limits you.

As we delve into this, we release grief moment to moment. We begin to liberate our hearts from pain. We learn once again how to walk, breath and find “the still small voice within”.

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