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Just walk beside me and hold my hand.

After suffering many early and mid-trimester losses, as well as a stillbirth, Malkie Klaristenfeld recognized the need for an organization that would focus on providing practical and emotional support for Jewish couples experiencing perinatal and infant loss.

Since 2015, Knafayim has supported thousands of families in the frum community. We are a passionate team of trained professionals and volunteers who believe in the power of support for bereaved parents. Through medical guidance, referrals, companionship, and peer support, we hold space for the silent pain of shattered hopes and dreams.

Knafayim means wings—wings of hope, wings of protection, wings of encouragement. The support we provide enables bereaved parents to develop their own wings that will one day allow them to soar above the pain and darkness.

"When you talk about the loss of a pregnancy or the death of a baby or the need for a termination, the grief is overwhelming. Often, people feel they’re the only ones going through it. When you connect with Knafayim, you recognize there are many families who’ve experienced similar losses and you can hear from people who are farther along in their journey—so you know there’s hope."

Frances T. McCarthy, MS, RNC, CPLC

Clinical coordinator for the Neonatal Comfort Care Program, NY Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital

Our Mission

To strengthen and support families experiencing pregnancy or infant loss. We are a community of support where grief and love intertwine.

Our Vision

We believe no parent should have to face the pain of losing a much wanted pregnancy or infant alone. Every couple deserves compassionate, knowledgeable, and culturally competent companionship, empowering them to make the choices appropriate for them.

Our Values

Empathy. We give you space to sit with your pain. We recognize that each person’s trajectory of grief is unique. We will respect your decisions and facilitate your unique way forward.

Validation. We understand that every person experiencing loss is in a world of pain that deserves validation and respect. No matter the gestational age of the loss, you have permission to grieve.

Constancy. The journey of grief is long and confusing. We are to hold your hand throughout the journey, providing support and encouragement until you feel strong enough to fly on your own.

Respect. We recognize the human potential to integrate loss as a part of their life’s experience and story, carrying their experience as they move forward.


Knafayim Timeline

May 31, 2000

Creation of the concept and vision of pregnancy loss support

January, 2001

First pregnancy loss support packet Created

December 26, 2014

Birth of Knafayim

January, 2015

Knafayim Lakewood branch established

November 22, 2015

Meeting with Lakewood Rabbanim about perinatal loss

June 14, 2018

Knafayim Toronoto branch established

August 5, 2019

Knafayim Australia branch established

November 10, 2020

Knafayim Israel branch established

July 7, 2020

SBH-Knafayim partnership

November 15, 2021

Introduction of Continued Comfort program

July 2, 2022

Yiddish packet created

January 6, 2022

Hebrew packet created

"Knafayim doesn’t push an agenda. They present all sides of the situation and empower you to decide what will work best for you, like whether or not to see the baby, what procedure to do, or how to tell your kids. Knafayim’s professionalism and high level of training helped me feel secure that I understood all my options."

Knafayim Mom

When your arms ache from emptiness,

Knafayim is there.

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