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The Price of Love


Grief never ends, but it changes

It is a passage, not a place to stay

Grief is not a sign of weakness,

Nor a lack of faith. It is the price of love

We grieve because we love. We like to be connected. We create and hold onto those meaningful times. When a loss occurs, this gets impacted deeply. Our lives may change but love itself never leaves us.

This may hurt, and for many of us it can hurt for a very long time. Broken hearts do that. We dreamed about this love and connection. Everything can fall apart but this connection will never leave us.

When we share our connection and what this meant to us, that can make us feel better. This allows others to bear witness to our experience. This is the path of love. We share our story and tell others what an impact this had to us.

We need to remember that some things cannot be fixed. They can only be carried. By allowing ourselves to share our story we surround ourselves once again with love.

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