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Suggested Reading

Pregnancy Loss:

After Miscarriage 
Medical Facts and Emotional Support for Pregnancy Loss
Krissi Danielsson

In her book, After Miscarriage, Krissi Danielsson answers questions with clarity, accuracy and sensitivity. It is a simple, unbiased collection of the known facts about miscarriage causes and treatments, followed by a discussion of coping strategies you can use as you proceed with your life.

Avoiding Miscarriage
Susan Rousselot

Everything you need to know to feel more confident in pregnancy. This book will help you:

  • Understand how common miscarriage really is and why it happens
  • Discover what might have caused any previous pregnancy loss
  • Use questionnaires to assess your personal miscarriage risk profile
  • Help you take charge of your healthcare and work effectively with your doctor
  • Know what questions to ask to get the answers you need
  • Identify ways to reduce your own miscarriage risk


I’m on the way to a Brighter Day… 
Douglas Richards

A collection of writings on feeling good about yourself and making your life the best it can be. 

Man’s Search for Meaning 
Viktor E. Frankl 

An outstanding contribution to psychological thought in the last fifty years.

Healing After Loss 
Martha Whitmore Hickman 

For those who have suffered loss, here are strengthening and thoughtful words to inspire and comfort. 

After the Death of a Child 
Ann K. Finkbeiner 

This book looks at personal accounts from parents who have lost children of all ages. The author herself has lost her only son, and the book is a written account of parents whom she has interviewed. The book gives an in-depth look at the layers of grief and healing after time has passed from the initial loss. It provides an interesting look at different people and situations and how they have dealt with their losses. This is a very personal account of the lives of people who have suffered from losing a child. This book briefly discusses infant death but there isn’t a real account of a parent’s loss. 

I Will not Die an Unlived Life: Reclaiming Purpose and Passion
Dawna Markova 

In this book Dawna shares and models the essence of skillful befriending: befriending the unknown guest who lives within, befriending each other, and befriending the world we are shaping.

A Silent Sorrow 
Pregnancy Loss: Guidance and support for you and your family 
Ingrid Kohn, MSW and Perry-Lynn Moffitt with Isabelle A. Wilkins, MD 

The authors examine significant topics such as the impact pregnancy loss can have on family relationships and careers, why men and women grieve differently, and how couples can confront the sorrow of ending an impaired pregnancy. 

It’s Ok That You’re Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn’t Understand
Megan Devine

 Megan Devine offers a profound new approach to both the experience of grief and the way we try to help others who have endured tragedy. 

Option B
Sheryl Sandberg

A powerful, inspiring, and practical book about building resilience and moving forward after life’s inevitable setbacks

Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss
Pat Schweibert

If you are going to buy only one book on grief, this is the one to get! It will validate your grief experience, and you can share it with your children.

A Touch of Inspiration 
Rabbi Yechiel Spero 

Heartfelt stories to encourage and stir the soul. 

Confronting the Loss of Your Baby: Facing Adversity with Faith 
M. L. Cramer

This book presents the conflicts, tensions and triumphs which embody the personality of a striving oveid Hashem whose roots are firmly anchored in the realms of bitochon. 

Gates of Emunah 
Living with Faith: Bringing Hashem into Our Daily Lives 
Rav Pincus

In this volume, Rav Pincus explains how to make bitachon real in practice, actualize our inner potential for spiritual greatness, and illuminate our lives with an awareness of Hashem’s presence. 

Getting Up When You’re Down
Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski M.D 

Rabbi Twerski tackles a problem that needlessly fells too many people who deserve better. Firm in the principle that knowledge of the problem is the surest starting point to its solution, Rabbi Twerski explains the symptoms and what they mean. Then he suggests the proper course of action. 

Inner Torah: Where Consciousness and Kedusha Meet 
Miriam Millhauser 

It teaches the [reader] how to embark on a journey which will enable her to get in touch with the mosaic of her personality and the holiness that resides at the core of her being. Ultimately, the goal of the book is to teach the reader to become a happier, better, and deeper Jew. 

Like Water on a Rock 
True stories of spiritual transformation
Edited by: Nechemia Coopersmith and Shraga Simmons 

In this book, we meet dozens of fascinating people who harnessed the power of Jewish wisdom and belief to transform their lives – demonstrating how we can, too. 

Longing for Dawn
Rabbi Nachman Bulman 

This volume contains a wide array of letters and teachings by many of the greatest and holiest of our People. 

Our perception of divine Mercy is unlike our perception of Divine Judgment. Tragedy and suffering leave their victims stunned. In addition to the pain, they do not know how to make peace with the evil decree…. How hard it is to accept Divine Judgment with joy! 

This is a book that is itself a helping hand, a patient friend, and a source of comfort. 

Making Sense of Suffering 
A Jewish Approach 
Rabbi Yitzchok Kirzner 

Why do people suffer? Where is Divine justice? What purpose can there be in the suffering? Unafraid to ask the questions that dwell in the inner recesses of our minds, Rabbi Kirzner discusses them forthrightly, with crisp honesty and intense realism. 

Mission Possible! Understanding Life’s Challenges
Rabbi Eliezer Parkoff 

Mission Possible! is an enlightening work that provides important insights into the purpose of life’s challenges and gives us the power to accomplish our “Mission Possible!” 

Saying Goodbye 
Dealing with Loss and Mourning 
Neal C. Goldberg, Ph.D and Miriam Leiberman, L.C.S.W. 

Saying Goodbye is an invaluable resource of information, guidance, and inspiration in the dark season of anguish where comfort and clarity are so hard to access. 

The Blessings of a Broken Heart
Sherri Mandel, Sherri Lederman

In her personal account, Sherri teaches us: “In death, Koby [her son] is teaching me more than I have learned from anyone alive. I live knowing that suffering teaches wisdom and a depth of infinite compassion.” 

The Garden of Emuna: A Practical Guide to Life
Rabbi Shalom Arush

The Garden of Emuna addresses life’s age-old riddles in clear and simple form. It gives the reader time-tested tools to deal effectively with life’s most challenging situations. 

Touched by their Tears 
Rabbi Yechiel Spero 

Through the stories printed, we learn how to better understand tragic and difficult events, both national and personal, beginning with the greatest Jewish tragedy of all, the destruction of the Bais Hamikdash. 

Touching the World of Angels 
Seth Clyman 

Touching the World of Angels is a moving mediation on one man’s voyage to make sense of it all. It’s a raw portrait of the courage it takes to ask the tough questions and the humility required to hear the answers – and gain a richer understanding, clearer perspective, and greater appreciation of life. 

You Can Make the Difference
C.R. Wagschal

Mrs. C. R. Wagschal interweaves poignant stories and words from our gedolim throughout the ages about our purpose in life and how to achieve it. 

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