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Starting Over


"Don’t be Afraid to Move Forward…You’re not Starting from Scratch, You’re Starting From Experience."


Starting over can be frustrating, intimidating, and exhausting and even scary. We think that it means you’re taking responsibility and you’re going to put your best foot forward.

Moving forward means that you got up off the ground, dusted off your hands, taking one day at a time. It might not be the exact path that you ever imagined you would take, but you put yourself back on a path.

It is normal to feel afraid.
• You may not know the exact direction that you want to take
• You may be so exhausted from your loss experience.
• You may have lost confidence in your abilities.

How can I attempt to move forward?

• Take advantage of a new morning. Every day is a new opportunity to try. Allow yourself to test your abilities.

• Be patient. Trying to shift back into the “new normal” is not always easy. Don’t rush time.

• Recognize your fears and struggles.

• Embrace change. This allows us to change our perspective and open ourselves to a universe of possibilities to move forward.

• Develop resilience.

• Start from the end. It is likely that this is not the path that you had initially planned.

• Allow yourself to appreciate moving forward.

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