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Self Care


“Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.”

Kindness is self-care. Kindness is recognizing when you need to back off a bit. It’s allowing your pain to exist without judgement, in trusting yourself, and in saying yes to what helps and no what does not. Kindness means not letting your own mind beat you up.

Self-kindness is seriously difficult. We can talk all day about how other people deserve kindness, but when it comes to ourselves? Forget it.

Grief requires kindness. Self-kindness.

This might be allowing yourself to sleep as much as you need to, without yelling at yourself for it. It might be saying not to someone. It might mean turning around, right after you just left the house, having decided that taking a walk outside is just too much for you to bear right now. It might mean cutting some slack and back off from the demands you place on yourself.

What kindness looks like will change, but your commitment to it? That’s where your safety is.

Kindness will make things easier on your mind and your heart. It wont change anything but will hold your hand and be your survival on your journey.

Take a minute. Offer yourself some kindness. Take a moment to imagine what being kind to yourself might mean. And hold on to it.

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