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Miscarriage is a Traumatic

Miscarriage is a Traumatic Loss

"Miscarriage is a traumatic loss, not only of the pregnancy, but of a woman's sense of self and her hopes and dreams of the future. She has lost her ‘reproductive story,' and it needs to be grieved."

Reproductive trauma goes beyond the range of normal usual human experience and can have a significant physical and emotional impact on us. It can cause us to feel devastated, alone broken in body and spirit and rocked to the very core.

I recall struggling to accept the reality of the situation. I found myself automatically still thinking in terms of the future and what was supposed to happen. And then it would take a matter of milliseconds before I was brought back to reality.

We need to be able to tell our stories again and again and again until we can make some sense of them and integrate them into our narrative. Although our path from healing from reproductive trauma will vary, many of us find relief from sharing our story.

This allows us to make the intangible, tangible- which allows for grieving and healing. Sharing our story can relive you of the burden you are holding. In the moments that you find yourself forgetting the reality of your situation, direct compassion inward and find someone with you feel safe to share.

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