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Life Beyond Loss


"It takes strength to make your way through grief, to grab hold of life and let it pull you forward."

Patti Davis

Will it always be Like this? We have all heard the expression “Life Goes On”, but for those of us that are caught in the throws of trauma and loss, the sad truth is that life doesn’t simply move on, away from those undigested events, without some help, support, or time. Imprints of our losses follow us everywhere, leaving us many a time simply here and now. The present is influenced by the past. And we remember. We need to remember that it does take time for the body/mind to right itself, to let go of the mechanisms and forces that hold those painful imprints close to us. And it takes time for our nervous system to be reset. Yes, it is a very, very hard assignment, but it is not impossible. We may always have certain sensitivities, but with time, we can move forward. We will never forget. but there is life beyond the loss that we are experiencing right now.
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