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Hearing Your Heart


Every person is faced with situations or realities that are painful. We need to be in our pain in order to move through it. We can't "put it down" if we never fully "picked it up." Let your mind pick up your pain, look at it, feel it, completely know it. When your heart is heard and understood, it will be open to listening to your mind's comforting and refreshing perspective. You'll be able to take action to help yourself heal as you move forward.

By Shterna Ginsberg

The range of emotions that someone experiences when they’re grieving is as long a list as the range of emotions we have in any relationship. I am often struck by the intensity of the emotions. Grief is like someone turned up the volume dial all of a sudden. When you’re knocked over by that wave of grief, you want to know, “When will this end?” When we have the experience of being in a relationship, the sense of who we are is bound up with what we lost. And so, following our loss, we suddenly must learn a totally new set of rules to operate in the world. The “we” is as important as the “you” and “me,” and the brain, interestingly, really does encode it that way. So, when people say “I feel like I’ve lost part of myself,” that is for a good reason. When we feel, hear, and understand all the “grief messages”, that opens up your mind, offers comfort, gives you a perspective to hold onto and only then can you move forward.
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