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Are Sad Emotions Negative?


We can roughly situate our human experience and reactions along a continuum spanning from negative, through neutral, to positive. For example, pain, suffering, misfortune, and hardship fall on the negative end, while pleasure, joy, fortune, and comfort belong on the positive end. Right in the middle, we have the zero point, the “I’m doing Ok” point.

What is happiness?

“To me, the only satisfactory definition of happiness is wholeness.”- Hellen Keller

Expanding on her words, we define happiness as whole person wellbeing. Happiness is wellbeing.

Spiritual Wellbeing. Allow yourself to find a sense of meaning and purpose in your day. Are you present? Are you mindful?
Physical Wellbeing. Remember to take care of your physical self. Take time for rest and recovery. And yes, allow yourself to deal with the stress.
Intellectual Wellbeing. Are you learning new things? Asking questions? Searching for answers?
Relational Wellbeing. Spend quality time with family and/or friends. Allow yourself to be a giver as well.
Emotional Wellbeing. Do you embrace those painful emotions? Do you take the time to appreciate what you do have in your life?

Life can take you on a journey that may feel like a spin.

SPIRE (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational, Emotional) wellbeing allows you to support yourself in a very healing way. You can support yourself and emerge from your challenge intact. You can grow stronger and happier than ever.

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