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Grief Comes in Waves


Grief is like the ocean:

It comes in waves,

Ebbing and flowing.

Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming.

All we can do is learn to swim.

Vicki Harrison

Grief comes in waves because it is like an oscillation between two forms of life: the old one, the one prior to the loss; and a new form of life with changing dynamics. As an unforeseen event happens, the grief process causes pain which manifests itself through changes within oneself after loss.
Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Accepting sudden waves of grief as part of the grieving process is helpful when dealing with a loss. There is healing in embracing your emotions and allowing them to take control for a while. Don’t try to fight or control sudden waves of grief.

Keep in Mind:
• Grief is a lot to process, and it takes time to accept a new reality.
• It is okay to cry and also okay NOT to cry. Allow yourself to feel.
• Grief changes who you are.
• You are never prepared. Grief can show up from one moment to the next. And….
• Adjusting to a world without someone is difficult.


Give yourself the time, space, and permission to think, speak and feel as you feel comfortable. And allow yourself to get the support that you need most as you traverse the journey of grief.

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